We are a family business that aims to make Sweden's sustainable dishcloths affordable to all.

Passing the savings on to you

When our family first discovered Swedish dishcloths, they became a household staple — quickly replacing our need for paper towels in the kitchen. But the more invested we became, the more we realized that high quality Swedish dishcloths were too expensive for consumers to use on a daily basis.

We have changed all of that, making Cleaner Cloths available for as little as $1.47/each.

Only the best, from our family to yours

Cleaner Cloths are imported directly from the Swedish company that invented the material, so you can rest assured knowing you will receive the highest quality cloths, at the most affordable prices. Since we package our cloths in bulk, more savings are passed on to you (and less waste is passed on to the environment).

How we use our Swedish dishcloths

Swedish dishcloths are an eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaning cloth that replaces your traditional sponges, rags, and paper towels. We use them to wipe down our counters and appliances, clean up after our children, and detail our vehicles. Whenever we need to clean, we turn to our tried-and-true Swedish dishcloths.

The best part? Their streak-free finish is ideal for cleaning any space. So wipe down your appliances, clear off your counters, and admire a surface free of residual water marks!

Try Cleaner Cloths for yourself – shop our bundle packs.

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